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Free yourself of bothersome and dangerous vermin! Whether you're facing indoor invaders or outdoor colonies, All-State Pest & Termite Control can help

you live and work in a safe and untroubled environment.

Don't wait to address a possible problem. If you see signs or suspect you have bugs or rodents in or around your place, hire the team that knows how to handle pests in Tennessee and Virginia! You'll get a quick and informed response that offers immediate, odor-free relief and safe,

long-term solutions. We’re providing residential services. We also offer termite pre-treatment options!

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Black widow Rat

Bedbug Roaches Spiders,Mice and Rats are COMMING IN NOW !! Call 423-279-9866


For Dec-Jan-Feb.the most active pest are Bedbugs ,Roaches , Spiders,Mice,Rats .The bedbugs will bite you on  the upper arms and neck.You will see blood marks on the sheet .CALL TODAY .We have the best prices in the TRI-CITIES AND VA.We also have SENIOR AND MILITARY DISCOUNTS (423-279-9866)