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Ants typically feed on sweets, grease, and food matter, often devouring large meals in a single night. Known to usually nest in the ground with the ability to create pathways through foundations, wall openings, and cracks, there are over 20 species of ant that invade homes.


Bee pollinate fruit trees, flowers, and plants, often in residential neighborhoods. They easily create hives (sometimes as many as 50,000 bees) in rafters, sheds, trees, or bushes. Their sting can potentially be deadly to infants, the elderly, and persons allergic to bee venom.



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Thriving on various materials such as fur, woolens, leather, hair, and other organic matter, carpet beetles lay eggs in 100% wool carpets and garments stored in closets and attics. larvae can feed on these materials for up to an entire year.


Fleas carry disease and causes irritating itching from biting both animals and people. They feed on the blood of household pets and use animal eye fluids to quench its thirst. They're found on animals and throughout the home. FLEA SEASON: JUNE - JULY


Cockroaches eat food of any kind and destroy fabrics, clothes, books, and rugs. They're found everywhere throughout the home and any other dark area with easy access to food. The cockroach usually comes out at night. ROACH SEASON: OCTOBER - DECEMBER


Silverfish feed on the starch found in in wallpaper and book bindings, and freshly cleaned clothes. Often found in wallpapered walls, dens and libraries, closets, and storage areas, silverfish can live in homes year-round.


Though most suck the blood of humans and other vertebrate animals, not all carry disease and only the female mosquito bites. Mosquitos require standing or slow moving water in which to develop, and breed in fish ponds, unattended swimming pools, and rain puddles.


House flies carry bacteria from decaying matter and feces. Their larvae (maggots) feed on dead animals, garbage, and decaying matter. Flies nest in garbage cans, animal droppings, animal habitats, manure, and land fills. They gravitate toward kitchens, baby bottles, diapers, and human hair and skin.


Commonly found in damp places around the yard, pill bugs are a nuisance to gardeners and householders. Named because of their habit of rolling up into a tight ball when disturbed, the sow bug is considerably larger than the common pill bug and has two prominent tail-like appendages. Sow bugs are incapable of rolling into a ball. Both feed on decaying plant material.


Living under stones or boards lying on slightly damp soil, they are easily recognized by their dangerous-looking pinchers. Although their structures can bite human skin, they are weak and basically harmless. They are used for catching prey and fending off enemies. EARWIG SEASON: JUNE - SEPTEMBER


Small, oval, and brownish, bedbugs live on the blood of animals and humans. Adults have flat bodies and grow to the size of an apple seed. After feeding their bodies swell and have a reddish color. Bedbugs move quickly but cannot fly. Female bedbugs lay hundreds of eggs, each of which is about the size of a speck of dust, over a lifetime. BEDBUG SEASON: OCTOBER - DECEMBER


Anything that hatches (centipedes, earwigs, spiders, etc.) will be highly active between the months of June - September

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