Termites contol and extermination

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage a year – and can be an immediate threat to you and your property. We’ll uncover any signs of infestation and remedy the danger immediately!To keep a termites out of the structure use termite bait stations,and for active termite infestation use a liquid termidicide.

Launch our multi-level attack plan

  • Expose infestation sites
  • Apply chemical control, including Termidor and Premise products
  • Install physical barriers and control moisture
  • Bait around your structure
  • Repair structural damage
  • Monitor progress throughout the process>

Exterminate the cycle of pest infestation

Know your enemy! Or know our trained technicians, who can show you how we use our understanding of termites to interrupt their lifecycles and keep them out of your property.

An integrated approach – treatment, sanitation, baits, traps and more – assaults your pests on all levels and keeps them where you want them: On the run!

Termite control pretreatment

Building a new property or having an addition put on to your residential or commercial space? A great way to stay ahead of the game is to have your property pretreated for termites. Not only is pretreatment efficient and effective, is it also extremely affordable.Termite infestations start under slab ,so by doing the proper liquid termite treatment you will save money the first 10 to 15 years .Termites can envade a structure in less than 1 year if not treated .

Having your home or business chemically treated before its completion ensures that your structure will be sound and termite-free. Call today for more information. BRISTOL TN..423-279-9866

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